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Where to Discover the Best Coffee in Cape May

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Do you have a busy day in Cape May that starts in the early morning? While some people like to sleep in on their beach vacations, others like to take advantage of the quieter mornings and head out before the crowds hit the beaches in full force.

Perhaps you’re wondering where you could find a lovely little energy boost to survive shopping sprees, historic self-guided walks, and a lazy afternoon on the beach?

Or, maaaaaaybe, you just woke up at the crack of down to beat the traffic on the Garden State Parkway. Now you want a delicious coffee to actually start off a weekend at the Jersey Shore.

Don’t worry!

I have all your caffeine needs completely covered in this post! Cape May has plenty of coffee shops that will not only give you a much needed caffeine boost, but also a delicious treat to write home about.

cape may map at the mad batter

Where Can I Find the Best Coffee in Cape May

You don’t need to look far to find the best coffee in Cape May. Actually, most of the best coffee shops will be right in the heart of Cape May City. Meaning, if you’re staying at a central bed and breakfast, you won’t need to drive to find the perfect coffee for you.

I mean, think about it. Who wants to aimlessly drive before finding a yummy cold brew or cafe latte? Certainly not me. I usually need to brew my own coffee prior to leaving my apartment, but who wants to stick to brewing their own coffee on vacation? You’ll also want to treat yourself.

Of course, all the nearby shore towns, such as Wildwood and Avalon, have their own adorable cafes for you to visit, too. Local businesses, year round and seasonal, thrive in Cape May County.

However, for simplicity’s sake, I’m limiting my top coffee stops to Cape May and the surrounding area.

cape may in halloween means pumpkin spice coffee
It’s Pumpkin Spice Time!

The Best Coffee in Cape May

Okay, let’s talk about the best coffee in Cape May! I’ve included five of my favorite spots on this list, which is more than enough stops for a weekend but I’m sure I’ll add a million more coffee places in the future (don’t worry, I always updated my guides).

As we all know, Cape May is a beloved tourist town in New Jersey, and rapidly growing, inspiring plenty of entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

best coffee in cape may stop
Some of the Best Coffee in Cape May is at Magic Brain.

Magic Brain Cafe

Magic Brain Cafe is one of has some of the best coffee in Cape May. Of course, when I visited Cape May in October, I had to come here for a delicious pumpkin spice latte (classic).

Magic Brain Cafe is popular with both locals and tourists, so if you come at popular time, be prepared to wait in line. Their coffee is well worth your patience, however.

The interior of this cafe is casual and wood-clad, but it’s very small. I don’t think you’d want to hang around inside, especially on a gorgeous day. Instead opt to grab and go.

Lastly, if you’re not in the mood for coffee, Magic Brain Cafe has a variety of teas, sweets, smoothies, and other lovely treats. This is a muse visit! You can find Magic Brain Cafe on 31 Perry Street. 

welcome to coffee thyme in cape may

The Coffee Thyme

If you’re shopping at Washington Street Mall, then I suggest going for coffee at The Coffee Thyme. Seriously, the location doesn’t get more convenient than this.

The Coffee Thyme is a small, family owned coffee shop where fresh coffee is brewed every single day. They’ve even been voted Best Coffee in Cape May for several years in a row.

Not to mention, you’ll be able to enjoy excellent coffee throughout the day, especially on Saturdays in-season when The Coffee Thyme is open until 10:00 pm. Crazy, huh?

The best part of all is that you can still enjoy this cafe even if you have no plans to go to Washington Street Mall (even though you should). The Coffee Thyme has expanded, and also has a location right on the beach at 315 Beach Avenue.

solo travel cape may: still go enjoy the food

The Mad Batter

Okay, The Mad Batter is a Cape May Icon, and my guess is that you won’t just come here for coffee. The Mad Batter offers one of the best breakfasts in all of Cape May. This place is always buzzing. During peak season, you’ll probably have to wait for a table, but if you have the patience, tucking into breakfast here is worth it.

What I love about The Mad Batter’s coffee is you’re not limited to plain coffee, although as you can see from my picture that I always love it. Speciality coffees are available too.

You can find The Mad Batter at 19 Jackson Street. 

coffee in cape may is delicious
Let’s Get Some Coffee in Cape May.

Bella Vida Garden Cafe in West Cape May

So you’re next stop is a bit of a drive, and is ideal if you’re spending a day in West Cape May. I promise it’s worth the trip, though!

Bella Vida Garden Cafe is an absolutely stunning garden patio that serves breakfast all day. Who can say “no” to all day breakfast? Certainly not me.

The outdoor seating area is really cute with lots of shady trees and umbrella shaded tables to keep you cool in the humid weather. The perfect oasis to sit with your cup of coffee, unwind, and relax.

You can find Bella Vida Garden Cafe at 406 Broadway. 

beach plum farms delicious coffee
Beach Plum Farms is a Wonderful Spot to Relax with a Coffee.

Beach Plum Farms in West Cape May

Time for one last stop in West Cape May. Beach Plum Farms is one of the most popular places to go and grab coffee. Upon visiting here, it’s easy to see why Beach Plum Farms is beloved by locals and tourists alike. This working farm has plenty to see and do. You can shop, see adorable chickens, and even go on a guided tour of the farm.

Beach Plum Farms has plenty of places to sit and drink coffee. Since they supply produce and meats to some of the best fining dining restaurants in Cape May, then you know the coffee has to be excellent.

You can find Beach Plum Farms at 140 Stevens Street.

cape may has a lot of stunning porches

I hope you have some good ideas for finding the best coffee in Cape May. Like I said, I will keep adding to this list as I see fit. You all know I love a good coffee, and will drink plenty more caffeinated goodness in Cape May City. 

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