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How to Plan a Fantastic Cape May Girlfriends Weekend

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No matter what age you are or how many friends you have in your social circle, setting aside time to take a girlfriends weekend is important. By traveling together, you and your friends will bond on the road, and then create memories that’ll last a lifetime. What’s not to love?

And if you know anything about me, then you already know I think nourishing close female friendships is so, so, so important.

So what’s a better idea than planning a Cape May girlfriends weekend in the near future?

enjoying cape may winery in winter
Hi from Cape May Winery!

Planning a Cape May Girlfriends Weekend

Like any other type of trip, you want to meticulously plan your Cape May girlfriends weekend in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. I mean, don’t show up without dinner reservations in July, for example. You’re just asking for bad news.

Cape May is one of the most popular vacations spots in New Jersey, and rapidly gaining steam in bigger domestic travel markets. This popularity is both good and bad. Good because tourism sparks creativity and entrepreneurship (and Cape May is very safe too), but bad because of traffic and crowds and prices.

Plan smartly to avoid any hiccups.

cape may nj linger here

What Time of Year to Go

Fortunately for you, Cape May is more or less a year round destination. Well, sort of.

Summer brings the most action. All the shops, bed and breakfasts, wineries, restaurants are open seven days a week with extended hours. However, unsurprisingly, summer has the highest prices and biggest crowds. And, depending on when you visit, summer is really, really hot and humid.

I like summer well enough, but believe it or not, Cape May in winter also has its perks. The crisp weather feels nice, and at Christmas, the Victorian homes are impeccably decorated and make you feel as if you’ve transported into a Charles Dickens novel.

But if the cold weather doesn’t appeal to you, then you should opt to visit Cape May in spring. For instance, Cape May in April is when all the cherry blossoms and Easter flowers begin to bloom, and businesses open their doors for longer hours.

Yes, you may experience a little rain, but sunny spring days are comfortable temperature-wise and glorious for taking walks downtown or on the beaches.

exploring the shops at washington mall

Cape May Girlfriends Weekend Essentials

Okay now let’s talk about essentials.

Cape May has a lot of shops, but keep in mind that you don’t want to be spending tourist prices for basic items such as suntan lotion. Pack and bring whatever you can from home to save money. I’ve listed a couple items in this post for you.

washington mall on a sunny day

What to Bring

  • Beach Tote: This adorable beach tote has a ton of different functions. Of course, use it for the beach, but you can also take it for grocery store shopping. Plastic bags aren’t too popular here, so you want to be prepared when shopping for food.
  • Clear Face Sunscreen: No matter what time of year you visit Cape May with the gals, you will all want to protect and nourish your skin. This facial sunscreen will keep your skin safe from the sun’s rays.
  • GoPro: What better ways to make memories with your girlfriends than shooting incredibly videos. So don’t forget to bring a GoPro on your vacation in Cape May!
  • Sunglasses: You’ll want to protect your eyes in winter and summer. Don’t forget to pack some snazzy sunglasses for your adventure in Cape May.
  • Wine Glass Tumbler with Lid: You can’t have a girls getaway without some delicious bottles of wines. I personally suggest packable wine glass tumblers to keep your wines safe and insulated. Yum.

exit zero is a fun place to spend a cape may girlfriends weekend

Packing Your Manners

Cape May is a tourist town, meaning locals earn quite a bit of money from vacationers.

While hospitality is a huge industry and undeniably important to the region’s economic health, the Jersey Shore has a lot of experience dealing with demanding and rude visitors. The local vs. tourist rivalry is real, very real, but it shouldn’t deter you from coming to this beautiful place.

However, I want to emphasize the importance of treating local workers with kindness. Long lines and short staffed establishments and waiting times are no individual worker’s fault, but are instead consequences that happen to a city that thrives off tourism.

In short, be nice. When in a group, we lose our dignity a little bit, but making a small effort goes a long way. You want the locals to fondly remember your visit, not cringe at it.

the mad batter is wonderful for breakfast

Where to Stay in Cape May

Cape May is home to a variety of bed and breakfasts. Actually, the sheer number of bed and breakfasts is a bit overwhelming, because you only need one to make your trip extra magical.

Do your own research, take care with your budget, and read reviews, but below, I’ve written a couple suggestions to get you started.

Accommodation Suggestions

  • Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast: Okay, so who doesn’t love beachfront views?  Part of the reason Cape May is so magical is the ocean. Go to this elegant bed and breakfast to be extra close to the sea. See prices on and
  • Elaine’s Cape May Boutique Hotel: This fun boutique hotel has everything you need for your Cape May girls weekend! The restaurant on site even has a patio bar and live music! Let the party begin! See prices on and
  • Southern Mansion: Do you want to stay at the most opulent bed and breakfast for a lavish girls weekend? Then check out Southern Mansion. The splendid mansion and grounds have a warm hospitable atmosphere that is perfect for you. See prices on and

a girls weekend in cape may should include walks on the beach

Things to Do on a Cape May Girlfriends Weekend

Time to talk about the specific things to do on a Cape May girlfriends weekend. Keep in mind (as always) that this list is not exhaustive.

Like every traveler, every group of girlfriends is different, and may have different ideas of fun. I hope to get your planning process started, however. Have fun!

cape may day trip: love the art here

Spa Treatments in Cape May

A refined and relaxing spa day will make you feel like a million bucks. And luckily, Cape May has plenty of options available for you and your friends to enjoy.

For example, Cape May Day Spa is a relaxing and state of the art facility located right in the heart of historic Cape May. Switch off your cell phones and slip into a fuzzy robe, and unwind under skilled hands as your muscles and limbs truly relax.

Call and reserve spa packages ahead of time, especially in summer. You don’t want to turn away disappointed.

go to the ebbitt room for a cape may girlfriends weekend
It’s Time for Happy Hour!

Classy Cocktails in Cape May

Cape May has a lot of classy Victorian bars that will make you all feel like queens. So don’t miss out on Happy Hours whenever you can find them!

You won’t run out of options for cocktails either. A couple of my favorite and fancier bars include but aren’t limited to Mad Batter Restaurant & Bar, The Washington Inn, and The Ebbitt Room. The bartenders are super talented, so make sure to tip them well and appreciate their efforts, as you enjoy the historic atmosphere.

In short, as a group, go to Happy Hour early whenever possible. Bar seating is quickly snatched up.

taking a ferry to delaware is fun in cape may
Hanging Out on the Ferry.

Adventures to Delaware

Cape May is located at the very tip of New Jersey. On sunny and comfortable days, a lot of people enjoy hopping on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry to nearby Delaware.

Lewes is a charming and walkable historic town located on the shores of the Delaware Bay. You and your friends will enjoy even more shopping and dining opportunities. I personally love Lewes!

For a trendier option, go to nearby Rehoboth Beach to check out the quirky shops and boardwalks. The off beat shops will promise a lot of laughs and a lot of fun.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, take a rideshare to Dogfish Head Craft Brewery to tour the premises and sample a variety of craft beers.

And honestly? Taking the ferry is great just for the ride. You’ll love the bay views and photo opportunities.

cape may winery is perfect for a cape may girls weekend
Cape May County’s Wines are Awesome!

Wineries! Wineries Everywhere!

I absolutely love Cape May’s many wineries, and think they are perfect additions to any girlfriends getaway.

If wine is a big deal to you and your pals, then you may want to look into booking a guided tour where you’re able to sample the best wines in Cape May county.

However, if you only have time to do one winery, then I recommend you go to Cape May Winery and Vineyard that’s located in nearby Lower Township. Their small bites are delicious, and the outdoor seating near the vines is so reminiscent of Northern California. I could seriously spend all day outside relaxing here.

the cape may spice store is one of my favorite shops
Cape May Girlfriends Weekend Tip: Shop for Fun Spices!

Shopping Excursions

My credit card doesn’t love Cape May (I have zero self-control), but hey, shopping excursions are perfect bonding opportunities for friends, right?

Washington Street Mall is the main shopping drag and the perfect place to start your Cape May girlfriends weekend. Some of my personal favorite shops on this street include Across the Way (cute home goods), Casele’s Shoes (unique shoes for your own collection), and Victorious (a fun boutique).

You will discover even more shopping options on the side streets surrounding the downtown core. I mean, the Spice Cellar and Cape May Peanut Butter Co.? Say no more!

Come to Cape May with a full and happy bank account.

cape may nj dunes are gorgeous

Nature Walks

Cape May county is known for its seaside natural wonders. The beaches are positively wonderful (more on them in a minute), but you’re able to do other nature activities too!

Cape May Point State Park, for example, has plenty of accessible trails and a famous lighthouse for you and your girlfriends to fall in love with. Bird watching is also very popular in this area.

Although further away, the Wetlands Institute in nearby Stone Harbor will teach you all about conservation efforts in this part of New Jersey. The Wetlands Institute does a lot of fine work for the county. By visiting, you and your friends are supporting some very important efforts to protect the wetlands and the wildlife, such as birds and turtles.

Don’t spend all your time in bars and stores, even though the local businesses are fantastic. Go outside on those beautiful days and admire the beauty of Cape May up close. You won’t regret it!

cape may beaches in winter are gorgeous

The Beach (Obviously)

Last but not least, the scenic beaches are wonderful places to enjoy a Cape May girlfriends weekend. Cape May has multiple beach options, too, which gives you a bit of flexibility.

On the beaches, you will enjoy fine white sand, and plenty of space to spread out. Cape May’s beaches are fairly wide and unless you want to sit right next to a lifeguard stand, you should have your own space.

As a group, please mind your beach etiquette. Don’t blast music on speakers, and don’t sit crushed up against someone else’s blanket.

However, keep in mind that Memorial Day through Labor Day that beach tags are required for everyone. You can purchase beach tags online ahead of time.

day trip to cape may to shop
Bring a Bike for Your Cape May Girlfriends Weekend.

Have a great time planning a Cape May girls weekend! You and your friends will have the best time seeing beaches, riding ferries, and drinking wine. Enjoy!

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