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Cape May in April: Travel Ideas and Advice

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Without a doubt, Cape May in April provides a delightful spring getaway, especially for people who are sick of winter’s gloominess. I can’t think of a more perfect place to plan a short adventure and break up life’s monotony.

Think about it. By the time April arrives, people are ready to leave their stuffy heated homes and go outside for fresh air. I know for me, even a small taste of the Jersey Shore gets me even more excited for summer’s better weather.

Due to its scenic location on New Jersey’s southernmost point, Cape May has some of the state’s most beautiful beaches that offer great scenery year round.

So if you want to visit Cape May in April, then, believe me, you’re not alone.

Cape May is even a wonderful idea for a girls getaway weekend, a family trip, or perhaps a solo adventure.

Now, as you already know, I think Cape May is worth visiting any time of the year, but spring has its own considerations.

outside congress hall
Congress Hall in Cape May in April.

Practical Tips for Cape May in April

My most important suggestions for visiting Cape May in spring will have to do with seasonal closures and unsettled weather patterns.

Now, for those of you who don’t live in New Jersey, you ought to know that weather in April is extremely unpredictable and even more uncertain down the shore, due to the resort town’s close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

I don’t want this information to discourage you. As I’ve said, Cape May is a wonderful spring option for a weekend getaway.

However, you want to do your research ahead of time. Below are my best tips for visiting Cape May in April.

Check the Weather and then Check the Forecast Again

Truthfully, my best advice is to check the weather forecast ahead of your visit. Actually, check the forecast a few times, even on the morning that you drive down to the shore.

April in Cape May is very unpredictable weather-wise.

For example, I have enjoyed sunny and warm weather in April, as well as cloudy skies and cold rain, with insane temperature fluctuations that can happen in the span of a single week.

You don’t want to pack the wrong clothes for Cape May, especially this time of year.

Personally, I would always bring a light rain jacket in spite of the forecasts. You neeeever know about those pesky coastal wind gusts.

The Atlantic Ocean is freezing this time of year. Therefore, the sea breezes will always have a chill even in the sunny afternoons.

swede things shop cape may

Prepare for Shop, Restaurant, and Activity Closures

In April, many restaurants and shops are open to the public, especially on weekends.

However, although some activity exists, Cape May is still very seasonal resort with its high season in the summer. You will encounter some establishments that won’t open until mid-May.

Check ahead of time if your favorite breakfast spot in closed. You don’t want to risk disappointment.

Fortunately, though, the majority of places will be open on Fridays through Sundays. Again, just do your research.

Go Mid-Week for ZERO Crowds

Cape May is a popular place to go on a weekend trip. Even in April, Cape May receives tons of weekend tourists from northern New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia.

And this is fine if you want some liveliness.

However, if you really want to “get away” from hordes of people, then I recommend coming to visit in the middle of the week. In April, mid-week is insanely quiet and the perfect time to have the Victorian streets all to yourself.

Again, make sure to research closures.

Consider the Easter Holidays

Check the calendars ahead of time, because sometimes Easter falls in April and not March.

Although I said that some establishments are closed, a few places do reopen to benefit from tourism on Easter. This means higher prices and crowds.

If you’re on a stricter budget, perhaps skip over Easter weekend and pick another time to visit the Cape May area.

Cape May in April at the Lighthouse.

Travel Ideas for Cape May in April

Now that I’ve gotten general travel tips out of the way, I want to move on to fun activities that are available to visitors who come to Cape May in April.

All of these places are open for business in the spring months. Enjoy!

See the Blossoms and Flowers in Bloom

Cape May City’s downtown has several spring flowers planted for you to enjoy. After all, Easter tulips are popular this time of year, and add a splash of color to the city’s already technicolor Victorian buildings.

Furthermore, Cape May’s wineries have several beautiful gardens for you to enjoy even in the rainy weather.

Bring your camera and take plenty of pictures!

Visit the Wineries and Do a Tasting

Cape May is well known for its many wineries. Sampling local wines is a perfect idea for you and a couple friends. Not to mention, a lot of these wineries are open in April.

The Cape May Wine Trail covers 19 miles of wonderful vineyards and wineries where you’re able to learn all about the locally produced wine, as well as the importance of ecotourism in the Cape May Area.

Since these wineries are located outside of Cape May City, taking these tours gives you a chance to make friends with several friendly locals and support small businesses at the same time.

Relax inside a Bar

Is the weather too windy and cold? Do you need a break from walking and shopping so much?

Then enjoy Happy Hour at one of Cape May’s bars. These bars are usually inside historic homes, so the atmosphere makes you feel as if you’ve gone back in time over a hundred years.

One of my favorite Happy Hours is at the Mad Batter. It was actually voted the best Happy Hour in all of Cape May, so make sure you go early so you’re able to snag a spot at the bar.

See Wildlife at the Cape May Zoo

The Cape May Zoo is open year round for visitors. Actually, the zoo is open every single day except for Christmas!

This lovely area consists of both a zoo and a public park. Both areas are free, although I highly recommend making a donation to the zoo. Even a couple dollars go a long way to support the zoo’s needs.

All areas of the zoo, including the African Savanna area, can be easily visited in a single afternoon. The zoo, however, offers guided tours for people who want a more in-depth experience. The guided tours cost $20.

Stay at a Bed and Breakfast for a Slice of History

Cape May is known for their iconic bed and breakfasts. They’re great establishments to make personal connections with the owners, and learn about Cape May’s extensive history.

Luckily for you, many bed and breakfasts are open in the month of April.

Below, I’ve written about three bed and breakfasts that are open year round and would be wonderful to stay on your weekend visit to Cape May.

Kindly ignore the Christmas decorations in this photo, haha!

Recommended Year Round B&Bs for Cape May in April

Cape May is well-known for having a variety of charming Victorian Bed and Breakfasts.

And luckily for you, many of these b&bs are open throughout the year, including the month of April! Here are three possible suggestions for your upcoming trip to Cape May.

Henry Sawyer Inn

Henry Sawyer Inn is located on 722 Columbia Avenue right in downtown Cape May. This family-run Bed and Breakfast was built in 1877 and has a lovely veranda that you can enjoy any time of the year.

Book Henry Sawyer Inn on or

The Mason Cottage

The Mason Cottage is another charming inn that was originally constructed in 1869. This Bed and Breakfast is perfect for chillier April weekends, because it’s home to a gorgeous parlor and fireplace. The Mason Cottage is located on 623 Columbia Avenue.

Book Mason Cottage on or

The Queen Victoria B&B

Another option is the Queen Victoria B&B, which is located on 102 Ocean Street. This bed and breakfast has won “The Best of Cape May” award several years in a row, and is a great choice for travelers looking to add a bit of luxury to their stay.

Book The Queen Victoria B&B on or

willow creek is a winery in cape may

What would you like to see and do in Cape May in April? Leave all your suggestions in the comments section.

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