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Cape May in March: Travel Ideas and Advice

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Cape May in the “off season” is magical in its own way. You don’t have tons of tourist crowds, and you avoid hot and humid afternoons. Instead Cape May offers a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

However, not everyone necessarily wants to travel to Cape May in winter due to longer closures and limited accommodation options.

Not to mention, quiet and desolate are two very different words, and sometimes in January or February, Cape May just feels desolate, especially for New Jersey, which is the most densely populated state in the US. It’s easy to feel lonely on vacation.

But what about early spring like March? Does that time of year offer a “happy medium” to visitors? In many ways, March is a good option for people wanting to avoid the bitter cold, but the prices and crowds of the traditional high season in the summer.

a sunny day cape may church
A Sunny Day in Cape May in March.

Practical Tips for Cape May in March

Cape May in March is a great time to visit. However, you still ought to plan ahead of time. You’re still not in full “high season swing” yet, so many places still have limited hours. You can’t just rock up to Cape May like you would in July and expect everything to be thrown wide open.

Here are my top three practical bits of advice for traveling to Cape May in March. Of course, you may decide that high season is better for you, and that’s perfectly okay!

cape may in march offers lots of wine
Relaxing in Cape May in March.

Prepare for Peace and Quiet

With the exception of St. Paddy’s Weekend, Cape May in March should be relatively quiet. Travelers wanting packed bars and beaches obviously shouldn’t go to Cape May in March, but visitors looking to relax and (hopefully) experience mild spring-like weather ought to consider a March trip.

Now this isn’t to say that Cape May will be completely empty. You’ll still see people at the popular places, such as Washington Street Mall and Cape May Brewery, but you should be able to find parking and place to sit for drinks and lunch.

I personally love the quiet. Sure, you’ll still see people, but stress levels are low, which is super nice.

enjoying the beach in stone harbor in march
Happy Times!

Check the Calendar for St. Paddy’s Weekend

Remember how I said St. Paddy’s was an exception to the “peace and quiet” rule? Yeeeeeah.

Now, in Cape May City, you shouldn’t have too many crowds. However, if you want to take a day trip over to the Wildwoods, you should check the calendar ahead of time.

In particular, the Wildwoods are known for their Irish pubs, so St. Paddy’s Day is a huge deal. If you’re looking for some Irish fun, then go and have a blast, but if you don’t want to deal with crowds, avoid traveling on this particular weekend.

cape may beaches in march can be cloudy

Accept Unpredictable Weather

March weather is unsettled in NJ. Sometimes you’ll bask in spring sunlight. Sometimes you’ll open the umbrella to ward off rain showers, but then sometimes you can’t even do that, because a Nor’easter is in the forecast.

And yes, even snow is possible this time of year, although quite rare.

Honestly, if you’re the sort of person who bristles at unpredictable weather, Cape May in March probably isn’t the best option for you. You’d actually have more consistency in Cape May in April instead.

visiting the wineries in cape may nj is a delight

Travel Ideas for Cape May in March

Okay, if you’re still convinced that you want to visit Cape May in March, then keep reading, because I have a couple of great travel ideas for you.

At this point, you probably already know that you won’t be able to spread out the beach towel on the sand and soak up the sun’s rays in March. Though you’re still more than welcome to walk on the beach!

However, never fear! Cape May still offers a lot of “cold and chilly weather” friendly activities that will help you have an amazing time.

visiting congress hall is always fun
Learning About History Inside Congress Hall.

Go to Museums

Cape May has many great small museums that are well worth your time and money. These museums also offer plenty of options if the weather decides not to cooperate and literally rain on your parade.

Museum Ideas

  • Harriet Tubman Museum: Harriet Tubman, without question, was an extremely important figure in the fight against slavery in the United States. The Harriet Tubman Museum in Cape May focuses on her work in New Jersey, and is a very educational experience. Their winter hours are limited to Fridays and weekends.
  • Historic Cold Spring Village: Visitors to Historic Cold Spring Village will enjoy the largest outdoor living history museum in New Jersey. This place is incredibly fun and educational for both adults and children. You’ll even discover a brewery! Cold Spring Village is open during the week in the winter months.
  • NAS Wildwood Aviation Museum: Are you fascinated by aviation history? Then NAS Wildwood Aviation Museum is a wonderful choice for you to learn all about Wildwood’s own aviation history, including during World War II. The museums is open on weekdays only in March.
west cape may day trip include shopping
West End Garage is Perfect for Shopping.

See Local Artists at West End Garage

West End Garage is an enjoy shopping experience that’s one of the best things to do in West Cape May. A former gas station, West End Garage is now a place to grab a coffee, check out local artisans, and buy local food items, such as the classic Cape May honey peanut butter. Mmmmm, delicious!

West End Garage is open year round, so you won’t have to worry about missing shopping opportunities in Cape May in March. Support local artists on your visit!

cape may brewery is a great place to visit in cape may in march

Sip Craft Beer at Cape May Brewery

Do you absolutely positively love craft beer? Then go visit Cape May Brewery which is open year round for beer aficionados.

The tasting room and garden are always open, but keep in mind that this brewery is very popular, so you’ll want to plan ahead of time to find a place to sit, especially on Saturdays and Sundays.

Cape May Brewery has a lot of fantastic seasonal beers, too. So make sure to see what’s “on tap” in the spring, as you may not be able to find it again! Take advantage of the shop.

delicious meal at peter shields
Don’t Miss a Fine Meal in Cape May.

Pamper Yourself at a Seaside Resort

Honestly, Cape May is a wonderful destination if you want to have a “wellness” long weekend and vacation. Feel free to have your nails done or get a massage. Bigger seaside resorts, such as Congress Hall, are inviting to visitors, even if they’re not necessarily staying on the property.

And even if you don’t have time to go to a spa, I recommend indulging in at least one gourmet meal when visiting Cape May in March. For example, the fine dining experiences at Peter Shields Inn are available all year. I still recommend reserving a table in advance, especially if you want to dine out on Friday or Saturday nights.

smirking at the polar plunge

Enjoy Plenty of St. Paddy’s Day Fun

Yeah, I apparently can’t emphasize enough how fun St. Paddy’s Day weekend is down the shore. I mean, if you want a quieter time, then you should avoid this time, but otherwise, I highly recommend it.

The St. Patrick’s events feel endless.

For example, Cape May terminal has a St. Patrick’s Day parade that’s super fun for everyone. And Wildwood? Oh man. You can enjoy tons of great parties in Wildwood. In the past, nearby Stone Harbor has hosted the Polar Plunge, which is totally hilarious, especially if you’re not the one diving into the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean.

Check events in advance! They seem to change every year, but I promise that you’ll discover a lot of fun if you decide to come on St. Patrick’s Day.

victorian homes in cape may are gorgeous

Where to Stay in Cape May in March

Last but not least, be aware that not all of Cape May’s bed and breakfasts, and hotels are open in March.

However, you’ll still have plenty of options for your Cape May in March vacation! With spring, more and more places of accommodation slowly re-open their doors to prepare for the summer season.

I’ve listed a couple of suggestions for you.

Accommodation Ideas

  • Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast: For those elegant seafront views, I recommend booking at this popular and highly-rated bed and breakfast. Sure, it’s a little on the pricer side, but it’s the perfect place to pamper yourself. See prices on and
  • ICONA Cape May: For a hotel experience, this laid back and recently renovated hotel is the perfect choice! The design links modern and historic charm that makes you feel like you’re back in time, but still have all the comforts of a 21st century hotel. See prices on and
  • Inn at the Park: Do you want a quieter stay on your visit to Cape May in March? Then look no further than this small and cozy inn. The location is very central too, so you can enjoy your peace, while still walking to all the action. See prices on and

cape may in march has empty vines

I hope you enjoyed reading about visiting Cape May in March! What are your favorite things to see and do in Cape May in March? Feel free to share them with me! Happy travels!

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